What To Know About Child Trafficking

According to recent studies, 50 percent of trafficked persons who cross intercontinental borders every year are kids. The causes of child trafficking are rather complicated and they reinforce one another. Children are vulnerable as it is easy and simple to control them and compel them into domestic labor, armed conflict and several other fields of work that are very risky. The following are various factors that lead to this sort of trafficking.

§ Disintegration of families

§ Negligence

§ Organized crime

§ Poverty

§ Assurance of a better life

§ Government corruption which defends criminals who contribute in the trade, as well as their clients

Child trafficking is not targeted to any particular group of people but somewhat, it is a worldwide problem and many kids are affected by the same. The order for trafficked kids is on the increase because they are exploited for cheap labor and sexual purposes. Children and families are usually unconscious of trafficking and they believe that greater opportunities are present in other countries/regions. The practice is profitable and linked with criminal and corruption activity. Furthermore, criminals who take part in this are well-organized making it well concealed and consequently, hard to address efficiently.

Child trafficking facts

1. Children from countries like Togo, Mali, Ghana and Burkina Faso are trafficked to nations such as Gabon, Cameron, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Others are trafficked in and out of Benin and Nigeria whilst others are transferred to Middle East and Europe.

2. West and Central Africa record the largest number of trafficked kids and most of them wind up working as domestic servants or sexual workers. Others are obliged to work on in-shops and farms. 90 percent of this figure is made up of females.

3. Girls from Asia and Easter Europe who are as youthful as 13 years are trafficked and nicknamed as mail brides. The girls are defenseless and cannot do anything so as to get themselves out of the trade.

Sexual abuse of trafficked children

Many people believe that sex is confidential and as such, several communities regress from discussing sexual abuse. They do nothing so as to intervene and as a result, children continue being trafficked for sexual abuse. Other aspects that contribute to the increase of child trafficking include the myth that having sexual contact with virgin girls helps in HIV/Aids treatment. The fame of internet pornography is also a contributing factor to this condition of thing.