What is the average car accident settlement?

There is no standard figure for car accident claims, but you may get a good idea of the money you can receive when you speak with your attorney about your case. Every car accident involves damage to your vehicle and your person. Other people in your car could be injured, and you may be left disabled after the crash. There are many considerations for each crash, and your attorney will walk you through those considerations before proposing a dollar figure.

#1: Are You At Fault?

You cannot file a claim against another driver if you were at fault in a crash, and your attorney will work to prove you were not at fault. A police report may claim that you were at fault, but your attorney may uncover other evidence that suggests another driver caused the accident.

The evidence provided by your attorney will help prove your case in court, and you may use the evidence gathered to have your traffic citation overturned. Our attorneys search for evidence that turns the case in your favor, and we do not halt our investigations until we are satisfied that we have uncovered all the evidence.

#2: What Happened To You?

The accident could have caused damage to your car, injuries to you and injuries to people in the car with you. Settlement figures are based on the total damages that occurred in the accident, and our attorneys use industry standards to derive a figure that will be used for your claim.

Your accident could have left you disabled, or your doctor may recommend you stop working. Children in the car could have been injured so badly that they missed school, and guest sin the car may be left with similar disabilities. Every person involved in the accident adds to the value of your claim, and you must calculate the value of their claim before continuing. Drivers cannot expect a round figure that is the same for every claim. Your child may have been badly injured, and you may have lost several weeks of work. You must be reimbursed for every day that was lost in your family. The length of disability in your family will impact the total value of the settlement, and our attorneys will calculate how much money is needed to support your family through a long period of disability.

#3: Can You Sue For Pain And Suffering?

Filing a claim for pain and suffering is allowable in court, but your must be careful to figure pain and suffering along with physical damages. Our attorneys are responsible when creating your claims, and we will not ask for dollar figures that no judge would approve.

Suing for pain and suffering is secondary to the real injuries you incurred, and you must be careful not to ask for more than your injuries could cause. Judges and juries may not believe the pain and suffering you incurred was so extreme, and the defendant may not want to settle with you based on the amount of money you asked for.

#4: How Will Your Lawyer File The Complaint?

Our attorneys file complaints for clients every day, but no complaint is filed without the approval the client. We do not take action without speaking to our clients first, and you will approve every action that is taken in our offices.

Settlement negotiations may begin soon after a complaint is filed, and we will not approve a settlement until we have spoken to you first. Every settlement reached through our offices has the best interests of every client in mind, and we will not allow you to take a settlement that we believe is too low. We work very hard to understand how much you should receive in your case, and we will not allow the guilty party to lowball an offer to you.

#5: Must You Go To Court?

You need not go to court over the case you have filed, but you may choose to go to court if you believe you should. Our lawyers will give you the best advice possible, but we will not make you take a settlement or go to court. Every case is different, and we are not trying to hit a specific number in your case. We have mentioned that there is no standard figure for accident cases, but we have an idea of what you deserve based on the merits of your case.

Our advice will be based on the merits of your case, and we will ensure that you receive the best advice for every step in the case. Our attorneys meet with each other regularly to go over procedure, and our law office operates with your best interests in mind. We will go to court if you want to, and we will settle if you want to.

Our lawyers have an ethical obligation to turn down cases that have no merit, but every other case will be handled with the vigor that you deserve. We do not get paid until you win your case, and we will do what we must to ensure you receive the cash you deserve because of an accident.

#6: Why Choose Our Law Offices?

Our law office is designed to cater to your needs, and we will help you handle your accident case in the best way we know how. We do not guarantee results, and we do not take payment from you until you have received a settlement or judgment. We ask that you call us for assistance at any time.

Our attorneys offer free consultations over the phone, and we will help you make the right decisions for yourself and your family. Each case is completely different, and we will not discuss dollar figures with you until we have looked over your case completely. We understand that a long investigation may be needed to determine who was at fault, and we will complete each investigation before continuing. You will receive the best customer service in the industry, and we will have an advocate in your corner until you have been paid for your pain and suffering.

About the author

This blog post was written by Marc Albert, a premier NYC Personal Injury Lawyer, who has practiced for the past 15 years, helping victims and taking cases that others attorneys say are too hard to win.