Responsibilities of trust and estates attorneys

It is a grantor who establishes a trust and goes on adding assets like investments and real estate to the trust throughout their lifetime to pass on to a designated beneficiary. In case of an estate, it consists of the total assets of a client at the time of death which is then distributed based on the will terms.

A trust & estates attorney provides tax and counsel advice to those clients who have both trust and estate documents. They have to draft wills, trust and other estate related documents. These specialized attorneys also help clients understand complex tax laws that vary according to assets.

In the process, they have to build and maintain a strong relationship with their client’s wealth management advisor and provide their own legal expertise in the client’s financial planning, business development and investments.


These trust and estate attorneys also work with their client’s other financial consultants like investment managers and insurance specialists. The right attorney also manages a balance sheet for the best leverage of their client’s financial planning goals.

To qualify for a trust and estates attorney, you need experience in estate and financial planning and know how to deal with high-net-worth clients. In addition to this, you need a keen eye for detail, be a proven trusted advisor and have the ability to work with others.

Moreover, as tax laws are constantly modified, it important that the trust and estate attorney be constantly updated with these laws, and be ready to learn every day to face and handle the many new clients with new issues that require resolving.

Many job opportunities  

In addition to this, the right trust and estates lawyer should have a juris doctorate with specialization in tax planning, should pass the state bar examination and have a certified public accountant license. With all these requirements met, it is possible to pursue a lucrative career in trust and estates and earn thousands as salary every year.

For candidates who want to pursue their career in handling trust and estates, there are many legal directories and sites on the internet providing job opportunities based on state, city and law firm. As the retirement population is growing along with the growth of the population, there is a continued demand for trust and estates legal advice.