Raiser & Kenniff, PC, Secure Release Of Client

smile Raiser & Kenniff, PC, is pleased to announce the release of client: Tom Eli, from Rikers Island.

Tom Eli’s legal situation caught the eye of the media, due to nature in  which his family attempted to bail him.  Founding partner, Thomas Kenniff, attempted to bail him  using family gold as collateral. Unfortunately, the  prosecution and Judge resisted, and refused to  accept the gold. (  family-100k-worth-gold-bail-judge- article-1.1461888)

On 11/1/2013, only a few weeks later, Thomas Kenniff was able to secure the release of Tom Eli from Rikers  Island. Thomas successfully negotiated the release, and assisted the family in finding alternative collateral.

Thomas Kenniff had this to say, “This was a long and arduous process. The DA’s office in this case was using the (bail) surety laws as a doormat,” he said

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