If you’re a nurse, you may find yourself at risk of losing your license. Raiser & Kenniff’s team of license defense attorneys regularly help nurses in Los Angeles NYC. We have a team of NYC nurse license defense lawyers and Los Angeles nurse license defense lawyers who are available 24/7 to help you.

In many cases, we’ve seen nurses falsely accused of things that weren’t their fault. When a situation like this happens, you need an attorney who can defend you. That means being able to understand the accusation, and understanding why they were made. In many cases, most accusations can be boiled down to a mistake, or a miscommunication. Your goal as a nurse should be to avoid going in front of the nursing board at all times.

It’s possible to avoid going infront of the nursing board, if you look at the merits of the case and can prove it wrong. Typically, once the nursing board gets a complaint – they will assign an investigator who will collect all the facts. The goal of this investigator is to gather facts, and then draw a conclusion on whose fault it was.