Lease cars

Here’s a fantastic infographic, shared with us by Zooomr – a fellow NYC car lease / Los Angeles car lease Company. Zooomr is a new tech startup that is changing how car lease deals are done. In addition to being a fellow NYC company, they are one of our premier clients when it comes to legal issues. This infographic, shared by them – discusses how car leasing is different from car buying. As many know, car leasing and buying is a complicated decision. Above all, it’s a financial decision, one which has to be made correctly. Car leasing/buying is both a lifestyle choice as much as it is an economic decision.

For example, if you like having a new car every 2-3 years, versus 6-7 years, then car leasing is the right choice. With a car lease, you can realistically enter a new car every few years – without having to deal with the process of selling the old car. Moreover, some car dealerships make it a very seamless process – by taking you in and out of the car on the same day. It’s a pretty straightforward process if you’re interested in always having the hottest car.

Depending on your economic circumstances, car leasing can be super advantageous because the lease payments on a car are much less than buying one. Because you’re not paying for use of the entire car (just the cost of using it for a few years), your monthly payments are significantly less. As a result, financially, you can win too. If you run a business, then you can write off the entire cost of the car as well.