Keeping Yourself Safe from Bank Fraud

Have you ever been warned about how “phishing” occurs on the internet? It is one of the ways criminals use these days in order to obtain your personal and financial details. Once they have found out the information, they will log into your account and steal your money and transfer it to another account or withdraw it right away. Some bank account holders fail to automatically see that someone has stolen some cash from them, especially if they do not make online transactions often, or they do not withdraw cash on a daily basis. But don’t lose hope. Seek legal assistance from a professional bank fraud lawyer and be guided accordingly about the things you have to do if you have been involved in such act.

Report the fraudulent act to your bank. Your bank will check what actually occurred. An investigation will take place and your bank will acquire all the copies of the credit card receipts from the seller/merchant. These receipts will be thoroughly checked for unmatched information and signature.

The bank will then check if the transaction has been authorized by the cardholder. If it has been proven that the transaction is not fraudulent, in spite of some irregularities, then the cardholder will still be obliged to pay for what has been purchased.  If it has been proven that the card was used by someone else, the cardholder will most likely not be held liable. Most banks have a zero-liability charge.

If you have been a victim of bank fraud, it is really imperative that you look for a reliable bank fraud lawyer.