ICE Targeting Undocumented Criminal Immigrants

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have now shifted their focus from workplace roundups to criminal immgrants.

On average, ICE spends approximately $23,000 per immigrant deported. This is for conducting independant raids, and trying to find undocumented immigrants, whether it be in their homes, or the workplace.

In 2008, Congress gave ICE a new direction: prioritize criminal immigrants, not just undocumented immigrants.

With this new direction from Congress, ICE has been targeting undocumented criminals, that are in jail.

What’s most startling is that since 2008, the number of convicted criminals that were deported, nationwide, has increased by 89%. In contrast, the number of undocumented immigrants without criminal convictions dropped by 29%. This sharp change in numbers shows a great shift in policy for ICE.

Undocumented immigrants who commit serious crimes, and are sentenced to prison, fulfill the terms of their sentence. While in prison, they are identified as being a person of interest to ICE. After serving their sentece, they are transported to specified jails for deportation proceedings.

Officials target immigrants with criminal records – USA TODAY Mon, 04 Nov 2013 03:28:25 GMT

Officials target immigrants with criminal records

USA TODAYImmigration and Customs Enforcement says it now targets criminal immigrants and those who pose a danger to national security or public safety and those “repeat violators who game the immigration system.” The reason for the change? The agency noted itsᅠ…and moreᅠ»