Do you need a personal injury lawyer to get compensation

This article is by Steven Raiser, an NYC personal injury attorney. If you suffer a personal injury in an accident you could end up having to deal with a significant financial or personal result. If another party is at fault due to negligence or a simple mistake, they should compensate you for your loss. If the other party is not willing to work with you outside of the legal process, your next best option is to file a personal injury lawsuit. When filing a personal injury lawsuit, there are some factors to consider when determining if you should hire a lawyer to ensure you are properly compensated.

Poor Documentation
The first factor to consider when determining whether you should hire a lawyer for your personal injury lawsuit is whether there is proper documentation. Ideally, if you are filing a lawsuit you will have a detailed record of the incident through medical record and either a police report or human resources documentation. If this information is not readily available, it would be a good idea to have an attorney handle all of the discovery process for you.

Unclear Process
Another situation that could make hiring a lawyer for your personal injury lawsuit is if the process of filing a lawsuit is complicated. In some areas, the process and paperwork necessary for filing a lawsuit and be straightforward. However, in other situations it may not be clear what needs to be done to properly file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, not knowing how to file a lawsuit could end up delaying or nullifying the process completely.

Complicated Case
Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you in your case would also be beneficial if the case is overly complicated. In many personal injury civil suit, the actual injury and incident can be very difficult to properly describe. If you hire a personal injury lawyer for your representation, the lawyer will be able to better articulate the incident, the injuries that occurred, and what financial or personal losses were sustained. This will be particularly important when handling settlement or trials negotiations.

Defendant is a Big Organization
If you are filing a lawsuit either directly or indirectly against a major organization it would be a good idea to hire an attorney. In situations where you are dealing with a major organization or an insurance company, the defendant will have significant legal representation. These parties will have the experience and ability to further complicate the issue, which could put your ability to collect in jeopardy. An experienced personal injury lawyer will have the ability to better work with these parties.

Time Constarints
The last factor to consider when deciding whether to handle the lawsuit yourself or through a personal injury lawyer is whether you have significant time constraints. The civil suit process in a personal injury case can end up being a very time consuming process. For people that work or have other personal obligations, the time requirements end up being way too significant. In these cases hiring an attorney would be the right decision and increase your chances of being compensated.
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