Demystifying Felony and Repeat DWI

Traffic violations – including driving while intoxicated (DWI) – are usually classified as misdemeanors. In some instances, however, repeat DWI can be enhanced to a felony.

Understanding felony and repeat DWI

In most states, felony DWI is the most serious impaired driving charge. Usually, the charge starts off with an arrest due to drunken driving (DWI) that is preceded by three or more prior DWI convictions within the past decade. If the state determines that you are a repeat offender i.e. your prior DWI convictions apply, they could enhance the charge to felony DWI.

Repeat DWI – a Class F felony – is covered under your state’s structured sentencing. If found guilty, you may be penalized as follows:
• Incarceration for not less than 12 months without the option of a suspended sentence
• Your driver’s license might be revoked permanently
• You might be forced to forfeit your vehicle

Why you need the help of reputable DWI attorneys

The legal requirements and penalties relating to DWI are always changing, with new proposed legislation coming up each year. For this reason, you will need to hire an experienced attorney to help you battle your drunken driving charge – especially if you are a repeat drunk driver.

DWI attorneys are constantly on the lookout for new legislation; They carry out regular monitoring and research on the legal trends touching on drunken driving to enable them offer the best defense strategies to their clients. As such, these attorneys have a proper understanding of the nuances of DWI laws, and would know how to best defend you using the most up-to-date strategies.

A professional DWI attorney can look at the evidence and successfully put up a drunk driving defense to help you prevent felony conviction. In addition, he/she can influence your sentencing, and/or prevent revocation of your driver’s license. Using their experience in battling similar cases, a DWI attorney can mount a very powerful defense for you.