Blood Alcohol Tests

Here’s a great article from Zooomr which gives the Best Car Leases, a tech startup that does car leases and sell used cars in New Delhi. There are a number of things that can affect the validity of a breath test. Law enforcement needs to make sure that they observe you for at least fifteen minutes before you take the test. They need to make sure that you don’t vomit, regurgitate, smoke or put anything in your mouth for those fifteen minutes. If you do, the results of your test can be invalid.

Law enforcement also needs to make sure that you give a sufficient sample of your breath. If you don’t, the instrument might not be able to measure your alcohol levels. People with certain health conditions or the elderly might have trouble completing a breath test.

While you might be able to choose what kind of test to take, you should never refuse a breath test if that’s all that’s offered to you. Because of California’s implied consent laws, if you refuse to take the chemical test when it’s offered to you, the state can revoke your driver’s license for a period of time. This revocation can stand even if you’re ultimately acquitted of drunk driving. All experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyers recommend that you take the breath test when it’s offered to you.

It’s hard to make a call as to whether a blood test or a breath test is more favorable to a person that’s charged with drunk driving. There are often problems with both tests when it comes to the state proving the charges against you. Which test might be better depends on the unique circumstances of your individual case. As a drunk driving arrest occurs, it’s hard to evaluate the case and make a decision on the spot.